I've moved some things around. If you're looking for the blog, great news, it's back! (in beta)


This is the home page of Colin M. Strickland.

I like to call myself cms. I'm a software developer, from the U.K.

Here is my CV (PDF).

I've done lots of consultancy work, was an insignificant cog in the expanding machine back during the original dot-com boom(and bust), and I worked at the grand old Internet Movie Database for five years or so; you can blame me for the message boards. I then spent a while as an independent software developer, mixing up consultancy, Mac programming, and occasional contract work. I moved on from there to spend a few years working in the operations section of, helping to organise their data architecture. Then a short stint at Moonfruit building a microservices team. Next, I landed at the near-mythical Makeshift Studios, wrangling with Wrangler wherein I had a great adventure and learned many things. Late 2015 I departed to head the engineering team at Silicon Milkroundabout . They promptly went bust, a couple of months after I signed up, and I luckily landed on my feet working on the creative platform engineering team at Lost My Name where I was primary engineer on their highly custom print-on-demand rendering stack. And now...?

My actual-factual super-real email account is my initials, at this very domain.