I've moved some things around. If you're looking for the blog, great news, it's back! (in beta)


This is the home page of Colin M. Strickland.

I like to call myself cms. I'm a software developer, from the U.K.

Here is my CV (PDF).

I do stuff with computers and internets, mostly. I really enjoy building teams. Here's a list of some things I have done. Some of them have been quite popular.

I worked for as part of the IMDb team for quite a while, back in the early years. I worked at in their operations team for another long stretch, focused on scaling database architecture. Aside from giant busy things, I often prefer smaller, interesting things. (The busy things usually started that way). I was Head of Engineering at Silicon Milkroundabout for a bit. I worked amongst the wizards at Wonderbly as Principal Engineer of platform, building graphics engines for rendering their picture-based personalised print products. I was part of the team at the near-mythical Makeshift studio, building crazy prototypes of things I'm still proud of now. Just last year I was working in synthetic biology, building robot labs. In 2018, I plan to shift back to freelance work.